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Developers believe that security is one of the most important elements in a community and have installed perimeter fences and ensured 24-hour security to ensure the safety and security of its residents. Security guards will also be patrolling around the area to ensure peace in the community and to address any immediate concerns.

The property did not miss out on important amenities and facilities that will boost the morale and overall well-being of its residents. They have taken into consideration the physical needs of their residents. Residents can play a 5- on-5 game of basketball on the dedicated basketball court or they can even take a dip or go for a full-course swim at the pool. There are also jogging paths allotted for jogging and running enthusiasts. All of which are essentials to individuals with a very active lifestyle.

It will also have a park designed with luscious greeneries and surrounded by pine trees which gives off a . Residents can relax and chat away with other members of the community in the gazebo. Children can enjoy outdoor games or have a fun-filled afternoon at the playground after a long day at school. Of course, safety precautions are ensured in the area to keep young boys and girls away from harm.

Transportation may be a challenge for some residents who do not own a private car or motorcycle. Due to the large area, some residents may live further from the main roads and walking can be exhausting. Shuttle services will be provided to ensure safety and peace of mind for its residents.

Commercial areas will also be assigned to provide added convenience to residents who wish to buy their basic needs or obtain professional services. All businesses will undergo thorough screening after submitting intent to obtain a slot. This is to ensure that no business will be duplicated and as much as possible, individual needs are met accordingly.

No official date of turnover has been released; however, some of the abovementioned details pertaining to the specifications of the model houses has been used in previous projects and can still be availed. Inquiries can be made through a dedicated customer representative who can provide further updates and information about the available slots and other options you may consider.

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